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Knowlegde isn't just power

anymore, its money

Knowlegde isn't just power anymore, its money

How many times have you lost money because you do not know what happens in the web3 space? Or made a lot of money because you did know? That is the power knowledge holds in this space. Knowledge is king. However, there is so much noise surrounding this king. Blockchain Mata has got your back with our “learn” section. We filter the noise, dust it down, and get you up at full speed with everything you need to know to protect your bags and leverage the space.

BUIDLers win against

HODLers, everytime.

The market is always in cycles for the bulls, the bears, and other ferocious animals; but the BUIDLers (community mods, devs, designers, marketers, and content creators) make money regardless of season and market trends. Get updates on job postings so you can become a BUIDLer too. Protocols are always looking for people to help with tasks for tests and bug hunts, or just interact for raindrop rewards too. So be sure to check the tasks tab.

Play your part in the growth

of your community.

Play your part in the growth of your community.

It works when we all make it work. Share articles, leave a comment, invite friends and family, and make a community feed post. Your contribution matters to Blockchain Mata and we need U in our commUnity. Did you know you could also get activity badges and titles for contributing? Let's make this the best we can, so everyone knows who the real OGs are!

Earn MATA Gems, and

redeem amazing rewards.

Earn gems daily by visiting the blog and clicking on “Claim Gems”. You can also earn gems by doing tasks such as sharing your favorite articles by Blockchain Mata on your socials.
Blockchain mata Gems is just our simple way of saying thank you to our consistent community members, who know it might be nothing