Where to learn all about cryptocurrency

1 year ago By Oluoma Aneke

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Where to learn all about cryptocurrency

Different individuals, academies, and firms offer different training on cryptocurrency. So, there are varying answers to where you can learn all about cryptocurrency.

Many things will determine where you can learn about cryptocurrency. Some of them include your level,  are you new to crypto? or are you an expert? How much are you willing to learn? And what aspect of crypto do you want to learn?

However, the learning curve differs for so many crypto experts. Many people have different experiences, some learn within a short time, while for others, it takes a longer time to learn. 

To give you practical examples that you can easily replicate, we interviewed some crypto experts to find out exactly what worked for them.

Dream chaser JTK (a crypto expert and tutor)

Where did you learn about cryptocurrency?

I heard about cryptocurrency first in 2019, through a friend Dexter. He taught me how to copy out wallet addresses and send them to people who sell bitcoin and also, how to send out bitcoins to those who we will sell to. I did that for a year plus but I really wanted to know more, so I started researching on my own and that's how I arrived here today.

How long did it take you to learn about cryptocurrency?

I am still learning today, so I won’t say it took me so and so time since I am still learning.

What are the challenges you encountered during the learning process?

The challenges are this, I lost a lot of money trying to learn on my own, and this is so because I didn’t have anyone guiding me. It’s easier and cheaper to learn under a mentor than to learn on your own. You will lose a lot of money from trials and errors. 

If I was to teach you crypto, you will learn a lot and it will be less of a trial and error on your side because I will show you the errors I made when I was at your level. 

You can connect with my community to learn


Where did you learn about cryptocurrency?

The first place I learned about cryptocurrency was online. I was sourcing materials on google, and Twitter and watching YouTube videos. Also, I joined communities where I monitored what others were doing.

How long did it take you to learn about cryptocurrency?  

I won’t say that I am done and that I have learned it fully. Crypto is vast and we learn every day. I had a target of the level I wanted to go with my learning, but meeting some people that were ahead of me, they told me that I can never learn it to the end. This is also because every day, cryptocurrency keeps evolving and new things keep coming up. 

What are the challenges you encountered during the learning process?

My major challenge when I started learning was getting hold of the vital materials I needed for learning. In most cases, I didn’t know the exact materials I needed because I was learning on my own, it was difficult selecting and finding the appropriate materials, and I was confused about what to learn at each stage. 

It was difficult knowing the particular stage I should learn at each time. Again, the practical aspect of crypto was a challenge, because I was stuck with the theory aspect for a long time. 

Another major challenge was getting the start-up capital because I needed money to start.

Victor Eluke (founder of blockchaimata)

Where did you learn about cryptocurrency?

I learned about cryptocurrency from friends who wanted me to buy and load a cryptocurrency called Tron. Again, I joined a crypto community. With the help of the community, I was able to learn blockchain architecture and some basic things about crypto.

How long did it take you to learn about cryptocurrency?  

I will say that it took me about 1 month to find this community/project that helped me break into the blockchain space

What are the challenges you encountered during the learning process?

I didn’t have anyone that believed in what I was doing. For most of my friends, I spoke to them, it didn't make sense to them. The few that understood the full scope were not willing to take the risk. 

Again, money was an issue, although I later found a way to raise the money. I had to resort to cheap methods of learning. Also, I had a communication barrier. Because I was in a community of people from different places in the world, communication was a barrier at the early stage.

What is the best website to learn about cryptocurrency?

From our discussions with these crypto experts, one thing that stands out is that websites and free resources helped them in their early stage of learning. 

So, I have put together the best websites that will help you achieve your learning objectives


This is one of the trusted sites where you can learn anything about cryptocurrency. On the about page, their aim was boldly written and it says “we are building a better-decentralized world by bringing blockchain and cryptocurrency education to everyone. BlockGeek was founded in 2016 by three entrepreneurs who believe that blockchain technology will transform the world. 

Even if you are a complete beginner in cryptocurrency, BlockGeek is a good platform where you can learn everything about cryptocurrency. You will not just learn, but you will be able to embark on your journey in the crypto world.

BlockGeek is also a good learning platform for investors, developers, technology entrepreneurs, regulators, and financial executives.

They have industry experts that handle master’s programs and publish in-depth guides on new projects, protocols, and coins. They also have premium course offerings that provide their students access to some top minds in blockchain and crypto where they can learn, ask questions, and network.

One proof of their excellence when it comes to educating people about cryptocurrency is the number of their daily site visitors and email subscribers. BlockGeek records 200,000 daily website visitors and 250,000 email subscribers. 


99bitcoins is a platform where you can learn all about bitcoin if you are new to the space. It is considered one of the largest online platforms where beginners can get educated about bitcoin. It is highly suitable for learning because they constantly update their guides, and reviews of crypto and also publish new reviews, tutorials, and videos.

If you are not a beginner in crypto, you might not find the contents of 99bitcoins entirely helpful.


As a crypto beginner, CryptoZink will be helpful to you. In cryptoZink you will find real-time market data, news, a variety of guides, reviews of crypto exchanges, and price index data. 

You will also have access to useful tools like crypto charts, calculators, and ATM locations. Also, you will find useful ebooks like “Bitcoin; A Guide for Beginners” on their platform. 

Also, if you plan to start a trading career, you can check their article on “most common mistakes that beginners tend to make". was developed 5 years ago and it focuses on delivering the latest cryptocurrency news. They publish high-quality articles on the important things in cryptocurrencies.

 So, although they mainly publish crypto news, they also publish high-quality articles that cover most things about blockchain and cryptocurrency.


One of the major challenges crypto beginners face is finding the best place to buy bitcoin and the best approach to it. BuyBitcoinWorldwide helps beginners get the best deals when it comes to purchasing bitcoin. Their mission statement states that ‘BuyBitcoinWorldWide is where beginners and Enthusiasts alike can find expert, practical advice on all things Bitcoin and Crypto. Our goal is to help you get the best deals when buying crypto and teach you the safest ways to store it. With our help, you can be part of the greatest revolution in money in human history”. 

From their mission statement, you can see that they are committed to providing the best guides for anyone who wants to actively trade cryptocurrency.


Coinsutra is a website that is dedicated to providing crypto beginners with in-depth knowledge of all things crypto and blockchain. It first started as a website for a bitcoin guide, but it has fast developed into a whole community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. They all share a common passion for technology and help each other gain a deeper understanding of the crypto industry.

Some of the major features of Coinsutra are that they talk extensively about the basics of bitcoin, cryptocurrency wallets, blockchain security, and also earning and trading crypto.


Bitdegree is a platform where beginners can learn about blockchain. They also offer other digital skills like programming languages, web development, and machine learning. 

However, keep in mind that Bitdegree asks for tuition fees so it is not free. You can access some of the free courses but the premium and advanced ones will require that you pay. 

This is a platform that offers exclusive education on everything crypto. It is an academy so you need to pay for membership to access the training. Once you pay, you will have access to one-on-one training like;

  • Platinum Crypto Academy crypto technical analysis

  • Risk managers

  • Crypto fundamental research analysts

  • Financial strategists

  • Crypto news analysts

  • Crypto volume specialists.

This academy will be more beneficial to you if you are going toward crypto trading. 

How long will it take to learn cryptocurrency? 

The time frame for learning cryptocurrency differs for individuals. Some can be faster with their learning while others might have a slow learning process. 

Like the crypto experts/enthusiasts that we interviewed, they all had different time frames. The approach you adopt for your learning will also determine how fast you will be with your learning. 

If you go for one-on-one training, you will have a faster learning process, but if you are learning by yourself, you might have a slower learning process. Also, the academy you learn with will also determine how fast your learning process will be. But on average, 2 -3 months of dedicated learning will be enough to master the basics of cryptocurrency.


Before you pay to learn about cryptocurrency, make sure you verify the track record of the person, academy, or firm you want to learn from. Have in mind that many people advertising cryptocurrency master classes are beginners who need help themselves. 

So, to avoid wasting your money, make sure you do a proper verification before investing.

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