How to Buy Klima and Stake (DAO) – A step by step guide

Crypto staking is fast becoming popular in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. KLIMA DAO has a different goal compared to other cryptocurrencies that use proof of stake. KLIMA ensures that its users earn passive rewards from staking their Crypto, but their primary aim is to preserve the ecosystem.

If you choose to buy or stake in KLIMA, you will earn passive rewards and join KLIMA in disrupting the emission markets. How can you buy KLIMA and stake?

What is Klima (Klima DAO)?

Klima DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization founded by a pseudo-anonymous group of developers. The primary goal of KLIMA is to disrupt the emission markets. They achieve this disruption by increasing the cost of carbon emissions, thereby causing other companies to lower their emissions. Klima DAO buys and stores as many BCT in its treasury. BCT, Base Carbon Tonnes, is the token of carbon credits present on the Blockchain.

KLIMA DAO follows the method introduced by Olympus DAO for acquiring protocol-owned liquidity. Klima DAO, however, is not an official part of Olympus DAO, but they are affiliated. Some contributors in Olympus DAO also contribute significantly to Klima DAO.

Market participants can now purchase BCT and bond them with KLIMA at a discount. They will receive the discounted Klima after every five days. The participants can decide to sell and make a profit or stake with the Klima protocol to increase their share of KLIMA supply.

The BCT in its treasury supports the price of KLIMA. This is further backed by the cost of a real-world carbon emission certificate.

Where can you buy Klima DAO (KLIMA)?

Klima is available on many crypto exchanges but can’t be purchased with fiat money. To buy KLIMA, you will first have to purchase BTC from a fiat-to-crypto exchange. You will then transfer your BTC to any exchanges that trade KLIMA. However, KLIMA is available on Hotbit and Sushiswap (Polygon).

How to buy Klima DAO (KLIMA)

  1. Sign up for Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange

through a fiat-to-crypto exchange, you will purchase one of the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. So, the first thing you will do is sign up on any Fiat to Crypto Exchange. Coinbase is generally recommended as one of the biggest crypto exchanges that accept fiat deposits. You can also use Coinbase and Uphold have different features and fee policies. You have to carry out your research and choose the one most suitable for you.


  1. Purchase BTC

After signing up with your preferred exchange, you will have to add a payment method. For your payment, you can use your Credit Card, Debit Card, and even bank transfer. Each of the choices has its pros and con. If you opt for a debit or credit card, you can make an instant purchase but with higher fees. In contrast, you will be charged lower fees but slower transactions if you choose banker transfer. The choice is yours.

After selecting your payment method, scroll to the top left of your preferred exchange. Click on the “Trade” button, choose BTC, and confirm your transaction.

You have successfully made a purchase.


  1. Transfer BTC to an Altcoin Exchange

The next step is to transfer the BTC you just purchased to an Altcoin exchange that trades KLIMA. This is because KLIMA is an altcoin. Some exchanges that trade KLIMA in various market pairs include (sponsored), MEXC Global (sponsored), Binance (sponsored), and Sushiswap polygon (WMATIC/KLIMA), Sushiswap polygon (USDC/KLIMA).

You can choose any of these exchanges and register an account. After the registration, deposit BTC to the exchange from Coinbase. After confirming your deposit, go ahead and purchase KLIMA from the exchange view.


  1. Store KLIMA in hardware wallets.

You can use Hardware wallets to store the key information in your wallet for a long time. However, this is optional. The primary reason why it is advised is that even the safest Cryptocurrency can experience hacking attacks. Again, the nature of Cryptocurrency, especially in Decentralized exchanges, is that you will be responsible for the security of your assets.

If you decide to store your assets with the hardware wallets, I will recommend either Ledger Nano S or Ledger Nano X. These are the individual qualities:

Ledger Nano X

  • Ledger Nano X has a more powerful secure element chip (ST33).
  • You can use Nano X on desktop and Laptop.
  • You can also use Nano X on smartphones and tablets using Bluetooth integration.
  • Ledger Nano X is Lightweight and portable and has an in-built rechargeable battery.
  • Nano X has a larger screen.
  • Nano x has ample storage space.
  • Nano X supports most blockchains and a wide range of (ERC-20/BEP-20) tokens.
  • There are multiple languages available in Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano S

  • Ledger Nano S has a friendly user interface and is easy to set up.
  • Nano S is portable and lightweight.
  • It supports most blockchains and a wide range of 9ERC-20/BEP-20) tokens.
  • You can use Nano S on desktops and laptops.
  • Ledger Nano S has options for multiple languages.


Why should you buy KLIMA (Klima DAO)

  1. You will contribute significantly to climate change – Klima strives to solve the serious issue of the carbon markets, fluidity, disorganization, and opacity. It focuses enough on climate change and aims to make carbon-removal projects and low-carbon technologies more profitable. When you buy Klima DAO’s coin, you are contributing to enhancing the value creation for the community and promoting a worthy growth cycle.
  2. KLIMA rewards long term holders of their token

KLIMA designed their staking to give incentives to long-term holders of their coins. This incentive will also provide the market participants exposure to the rising price of Carbon. If you hold KLIMA for the long term, you will accumulate more and also have.

  1. KLIMA has a friendly community

If you are new to Cryptocurrency and wish to stake your KLIMA coins, join a KLIMA community and enjoy the best support.

How to Stake Klima DAO

By Staking your KLIMA, you are contributing to the treasury’s liquidity. This will earn you an equivalent amount of sKLIMA in your wallet.

You will be rewarded with a 35% APY when you stake your coin.

KLIMA issues staking rewards through a rebase mechanism.

Follow the steps below to stake your KLIMA token.

  1. The first step is to open Klima DAO and click on “APP” (Ensure that the website is the current version of KLIMA to avoid a phishing attack.
  2. Click on “Connect wallet.”
  3. On the next page, click on “MetaMask.”
  4. Click on “MAX”
  5. Click on ‘Approve Klima”
  6. Then click and drag “highlight.”

This step is essential. Check if you have enough MATIC in your wallet to complete your transaction. If the MATIC is sufficient, then proceed. If it is not sufficient, click on Reject.


Staking KLIMA can be done in a few easy steps, but the major work is in buying. While purchasing KLIMA, you have to pay attention to every step because any mistake can cost you your coin. Always refer back to this article if you encounter any challenges.

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