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1 year ago By Oluoma Aneke

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Finding a crypto content writing job  follows the same pattern with other freelance writing jobs. Writers use the same pattern to find jobs, although crypto content writing jobs may not be as rampant and common compared to other writing jobs.


Crypto content writing jobs

Crypto content writing jobs are diverse and can be in different forms. As a crypto content writer, you can write for crypto blogs, and different companies in web 3 and blockchain in general.

You can find crypto content writing jobs in different places and we will explore them. However, you should note that having a good portfolio will give you an edge and make your search easier. You can follow the guidelines below to find crypto content writing jobs. 


Gigs from direct contacts.

When I started out as a content writer, I got my first jobs locally. I made it known to my contacts that I was into content writing. In that way people in my contact list that owned crypto blogs reached out to me while some others referred me to their friends.


That was the fastest way for me. Although the pay that came from these kind of gigs were not much, it was enough for me to build my portfolio. When I gathered enough experience from the local gigs , it became easier for me to throw myself out in the open and start writing for higher clients and landing better jobs. So, you can reach out to your contacts that run blogs, write for them, and add the articles to your portfolio. 
Medium and other free websites.


One of the ways to showcase your expertise as a crypto content writer is by writing and publishing on medium, discord and other websites. By writing on discord and medium, you are making it possible for people to notice your work. Medium allows you to post your works, after which you can copy the link to your work and share it with your contacts and across your social media platforms.


Having works published in your name gives you more credibility and increases your chances of getting hired and that is what medium offers. You can also actively write on discord and other free websites. To make good use of these method, you have to stand out from other crypto content writers. You will need to be intentional when selecting your topics. Write what people will want to read. 


You can decide to write on trending topics in cryptocurrency and NFTs. Write what will interest people. The best way to do this it is to find the aspect of crypto you like talking about. It will be easier to write something you find interesting, because people will immediately connect with your energy. When you are done with the writing, you can go ahead and share the links to your work for people to read. 


Also, find free websites that allow people to publish. The advantage of this is that through your published contents, clients will find you. So many people find this task of writing for free difficult, but it is a good way to attract high paying clients because you have a good published work to show.


Job boards.

I finally got to it, I know this is the part you have been waiting for. Job boards have made it easy for freelancers to find well paying jobs. With these job boards, you can easily find crypto content writing jobs.


 What you need to do is to find the job board you are most comfortable with, create a profile and start applying for jobs. Once the job boards accept your profile, you will look for crypto writing jobs that you can do and submit a good cover letter.


Note that most job boards have the same pattern of operation but there are still unique differences. I will list some of the most popular job boards where you can find crypto content writing jobs.



Upwork is a freelancing platform that connects millions of freelancers and professionals together. In Upwork platform, you can find crypto content writing jobs that you can do. To get started in your job search on Upwork, you need to create a captivating profile. Bear in mind that Upwork is one of the most competitive freelance job boards, so you need a profile that will stand you out amongst other crypto content writers.


 In your profile, add interesting details about yourself, your expertise, and your work experience. The more projects you complete in Upwork, the higher you will go in your ranking. This will increase your chances of landing high paying crypto content writing jobs. So, if this sounds interesting to you, read more on Upwork policies and get started. You can use the search bar and look for crypto content writing jobs and be consistent with your search. 


The advantages of Upwork is that it offers a good payment protection, has credible clients and also budget-based projects. On the downside, the selection process can be tough and lengthy, and their service fee is high.



This is a freelance platform that connects freelancers to different business owners looking for services in digital products. These services ranges from website design, content writing, and voice overs. On Fiverr, freelancers are referred to as sellers and the services they provide is referred to as services. The business owners hiring the freelancers are referred to as buyers. How fiverr works is that if a buyer purchases your gig as a crypto content writer, the platform will charge the buyer and put the money on hold. When you deliver the job, the platform will pay you 80% of the offered price and keep 20% as the service charge. As a freelancer crypto content writer, fiverr is a good platform where you can build your portfolio especially as a beginner. 
However, although Fiverr has a vast category, free registration and some online courses that can help you upskill in your writing career, it also has some downsides. The most prominent of the downsides is that it has a long payment process and a high commission charge. –

Guru works like other freelance job boards. Here, professionals and business owners posts jobs looking for particular services. As a crypto content writer, Guru is a good platform to find crypto writing jobs. You need to sign up to the platform, set up a good profile, and add your relevant skills. The website will give you recommendations based on the skills you added to your profile. Guru has a secure payment, free membership option and a customized job listings.

People per hour – 

People per hour (PPH) is a good freelance platform where you can get credible clients for crypto content writing jobs. Their selection process is tough so there are chances of turning down your application. Nevertheless, you can give it a try.


Freelancer is another online platform that connects freelancers to business owners. Freelancers can collaborate with different companies on a vast range of products. On freelancer platform, you can see job posts seeking for crypto content writers. 

Tailor your cover letter to match the job descriptions and go ahead and apply. When you start out on, you may have to start with jobs that do not have high payments as those ones are less competitive. When you do a couple of work and get good reviews, you can go ahead and compete for higher jobs. 

The good sides to is that you can track your progress, have a live chat and have a 24/7 customer support. 

However, the downsides is that it does not have a simple interface, there are always issues of spam applications and fake clients. Nevertheless, it can be a good way to find freelance clients.

 Social media platforms

Asides job boards which is one of the easiest way of getting crypto writing job, you can also land clients by establishing your online presence on social media platforms. Two of the popular social media platforms to establish your presence with are Linkedin and Twitter.

When you create an account with these platforms, you can post contents relating to crypto writing. By being active and sharing valuable contents you can easily attract clients. These methods take more time to land clients but it is worth it. So, while you hang around on the job boards, you can establish your presence on these social media platforms.

 Crypto jobs remote no experience.

You can find remote crypto writing jobs with no experience. It won’t be easy, but there are some steps you can take that will make this possible. One of the major things you can do to get a crypto writing jobwithout experience is to gradually build and develop your work samples.

 Most of the clients that will hire you for crypto writing jobs, won’t ask for how many years of experience that you have, they will mostly want to see what you can do, how you write, the readability of your articles and your mastery of English language. Having that in mind, you can select 2 to 3 topics that you are most comfortable writing about. 

Do your research and create something good around it. When you are done, give it to a second eye to proofread and edit for you. When you have about three well-written articles, you can use it as job samples that you will show to potential clients. You can also create an account in medium where you can publish articles that will attract clients to you. So, to get a crypto remote job without experience, you have to put in the work and make up your portfolio.

Crypto content writer salary

As a crypto content writer, your salary or earning per job can be in the range of $10 -$1000. Sometimes, it can be more depending on your skill set or experience. If you are just starting out as crypto content writer, your salary may not be high. But as you improve and gather more experiences, your salary will be on the high side, so it is a gradual process.

Crypto content writer freelance

You can be a freelance crypto content writer. Being a freelancer gives you the opportunity and the edge to work with different clients and also continue with other aspects of your life. To be a freelance crypto writer, you need to register to job boards and look for writing jobs that are remote.

Crypto content writer job description

 The job descriptions for crypto writing is not always complex. Some will require that you have extra technical skills and deep knowledge of cryptocurrency. Jobs with such descriptions always pay more. Some other jobs will require  that you have a good grasp of English language and a good knowledge on how to write readable articles. You have to carefully search through the job descriptions and find what works for you.



This artice provided practical guides on how you can find crypto content writing jobs. If you are a beginner, it will be a bit difficult for you to stand on your feet. However, when you follow this guide judiciously, you will find your feet and make substantial progress.

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