How to Find Remote Crypto Opportunities and Jobs with No Experience: A Beginner's Guide

1 year ago By Victor Eluke

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Have you ever heard about the term crypto or crypto jobs and wondered what it means? Have you ever thought about getting jobs that pay in cryptocurrency, have you ever thought about ways to accumulate tokens for free, at least not for free but with your skills from your home? Have you ever wondered how to get started in crypto with no money?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then this article is for you, I will suggest you take a deep breath and read along for I will be answering all these questions and even more.


First of all, to answer the question of how to get started in crypto jobs with no experience remotely; It can be difficult to get a high-paying job in the cryptocurrency industry without any experience, but in this article, I have explained how to gain the basic experience you need to get your dream crypto job and I have also listed websites where you could do tasks to earn crypto rewards.


 Are Cryptocurrency Jobs Real? Yes, they are.

Crypto jobs



Cryptocurrency jobs or crypto jobs are simply jobs that pay you cryptocurrency for your skill, knowledge, and time. So therefore it should be regarded as a job; it can be freelancing, it can be contract based, or even a full-time job or role.


The only thing is that your paycheck comes in cryptocurrencies. Wait, you didn't know? well, I am happy to tell you that a lot of startups/companies who build blockchain products, protocols, or crypto exchanges such as,, and GMO Group pay their employees in crypto, sometimes in native tokens; it can be seen as stock options in the case of startups nevertheless big tech companies and countries like Argentina, New Zealand are already exploring salaries in crypto.


There are a few steps you can try to get a job in the cryptocurrency field even if you don't have any previous experience:


    1. Learn as much as you can about cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry. This can include taking

       online courses, reading industry articles and blogs, and participating in online communities or forums. The

       more you know, the more attractive you will be to potential employers.


    2. Network with people in the industry. Attend cryptocurrency meetups, conferences, and events and try to 

       make connections with people who work in the field. They may be able to introduce you to potential job   

       opportunities or give you advice on how to break into the industry.


    3. Be proactive, remember it's like any other job so consider reaching out to companies in the industry

        directly, even if they are not actively hiring. Let them know you are interested in working in the field and

        ask if they have any advice or opportunities for you. Here is an article on how to email your dream



   4. Also, Consider taking on freelance or part-time work in the cryptocurrency field. This can allow you to gain

       valuable experience and make connections in the industry.


   5. Be willing to start at the bottom and work your way up. Many cryptocurrency companies are small and 

       growing, so there may be entry-level positions available. These roles may not be glamorous, but they can   

       be a good way to get your foot in the door and learn the ropes.


    6.  Consider starting a cryptocurrency blog or YouTube channel where you can share your knowledge and

        thoughts about the industry or even engagement on social media sites like Twitter. This can help you

        build a personal brand and demonstrate your expertise to potential employers.


Pls note; The idea of these steps is to start from somewhere. I can tell you for free that the more skills you have the more relevant you are. The blockchain and web3 space have a shortage of talent due to its fast-growing pace according to I will surely advise that you pick up more skills or select a niche in the fields like marketing, business, programming, and communications even as you participate in the space. If you already have these skills, I happily welcome you to the land of opportunities.


High Paying Cryptocurrency Jobs You Can Do from Anywhere: Examples and Opportunities


These are examples of high-paying cryptocurrency jobs worth exploring, some of them need more experience and skill than others but the good thing is that there are tons of resources to get started with, Just "Do Your Own Research"(DYOR)


Blockchain developer: Developing and maintaining blockchain-based applications and systems.


   1. Cryptocurrency trader: Buying and selling cryptocurrencies on various exchanges to generate profits.


   2. Cryptocurrency writer: Writing articles, blog posts, and other content about cryptocurrencies and the

       blockchain industry.


   3. Cryptocurrency consultant: Providing advice and guidance to individuals or businesses looking to enter 

       the cryptocurrency market.


   4. Cryptocurrency support specialist: Providing technical support and customer service for cryptocurrency-           

        related products and services.


  5. Cryptocurrency project manager: Managing cryptocurrency-related projects, including coordinating team

       members and tracking progress.


   6. Cryptocurrency researcher: Conducting research on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry and

       preparing reports and analyses.


   7. Cryptocurrency marketer: Promoting cryptocurrency-related products and services through marketing

       campaigns and social media outreach.


   8. Cryptocurrency legal expert: Advising clients on legal matters related to cryptocurrencies, including

       regulations and compliance issues.


   9. Cryptocurrency accountant: Handling the financial aspects of cryptocurrency transactions, including taxes

       and accounting.


   10. Onchain analyst: studies the blockchain and the transactions that are recorded on it. Studies the transfer

         of cryptocurrencies, such as the volume of transactions, the types of addresses involved, and the

          patterns that emerge over time.


There are so many other remote entry-level cryptocurrency jobs: These Include Product designer, Product researcher, Community strategy Technical writer, business developer, and Protocol engineer just to name a few. It is obvious by now that almost every job you can think of can be done for pay in cryptocurrency.


5 Websites for high-end jobs in Cryptocurrency










      5. There is one thing this space has never fallen short of which is new ways to do things. Platforms like

       Braintrust which seems to be like Upwork of web3 payout BTRST tokens (I and my friends did ride hard 

       on this token in 2022 but this token was actually developed for companies to pay talent) to hire talents. 


Talents also contribute to DAOs like Creators DAO and Developers DAO etc and get high incentives or even get a job role. This can be similar to open source contribution but the incentive mechanism makes it different and more attractive to contributors.


Top 10 Websites for Finding Remote Crypto Jobs with No Experience.


 In most cases, you don't need an official application to partake in them and it exposes you to opportunity and the beauty of the crypto and web3 ecosystem. Pls be careful while exploring the crypto space, there are a lot of scams out there that can lead to loss of money.


   1. Rabbithole: We know crypto can be a confusing place. RabbitHole will be your guide. Learn and earn

       crypto by using the best web3 applications


   2. Flipsidecrypto: Learn. Earn. Repeat. Get paid to learn about protocols, chains, and Featured Bounties.


   3. Bituro: A platform that allows users to earn cryptocurrency by completing tasks such as taking surveys,

       trying new apps, and watching videos.


   4. Meeiro: Meeiro is the first IDO Launchpad built on AptosLabs, it has a quest board where tasks are         

       uploaded for community members to partake in and earn rewards.


   5. Toloka: A platform operated by Yandex that allows users to earn cryptocurrency by completing tasks such 

       as transcribing text and tagging images.


   6. Dropsearn: Dropsearn is part of Drops Foundation; they list project bounties, testnet, ambassadorship               

       jobs, community reward programs, referral programs, and airdrops 


   7. Layer3: Instantly earn crypto by discovering web3 products and bounties.


   8. StormX: A platform that allows users to earn cryptocurrency by completing small tasks, such as taking

       surveys or testing products.


    9. Bounty0x: A platform that allows users to find and participate in bounty campaigns, which are tasks

        offered by cryptocurrency projects in exchange for rewards.


     10. Nodes. guru: Nodes Guru contains a full list with guides for testnet for all projects in the crypto and     

           blockchain. You would need experience in managing computer servers or Linux to participate in this.


Other cool platforms to check out: are Project Galaxy, Quest3, DappBack, and Crew3


List of websites to find new startups or projects to apply for jobs


 These websites are information sites for new startups and projects. They are not an official job site but I will always tell my people to follow the money. When new companies get funded they are more likely to expand their team size. It can be a shot at getting a job with a crypto startup.


   • Ico analytics: an analytics tool for finding private fundraising events of startups  


   • Icodrops: this is an initial coin offering platform with deals of projects fundraising and details about each



   • Earlyones: Be early to the newest Web3 and crypto startups. Discover the latest early-stage products,

       services and games being built at the forefront of the internet.


Top Websites for High-Paying Crypto Jobs


   • CryptoJobsList: A job board specifically for cryptocurrency and blockchain-related positions.


   • LinkedIn: A professional networking site where many companies advertise job openings, including those

        in the cryptocurrency industry.


    • AngelList: A job board for startups, where you can find cryptocurrency jobs at early-stage companies.


    • Indeed: A job search website that has a large number of cryptocurrency job listings.


    • Glassdoor: A job search website with company reviews and salary information, including for

        cryptocurrency jobs.


    • Coinality: A job board for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency jobs.


    • Cryptocurrency Jobs: A job board for cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs.


    • Blockchain Jobs List: A job board for cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs, with a focus on engineering

          and technical positions.


    • Freelance websites like Upwork are also good places to check out these jobs from community         

          management, graphics design jobs, and writing to smart contract development. I will suggest you check

          them out.


In summary, it's all about understanding the technology to the extent of using it. Joining a crypto/ blockchain community where you can interact and answer questions concerning a crypto-related topic. This will help you build your confidence and knowledge faster.


 Also applying for internships or entry-level positions, even if they are unpaid like community moderation. Before the 2021 bull run, my friends and I would spend lots of time answering crypto questions in the discord channel of projects we loved the most and believed in, contributing resources like analytical tools for blockchain queries or even compiling and documenting resources for beginners some of them got job offers even without applying.


 This can be a good way to get your feet wet and gain some valuable experience.

Thanks to the blockchain mata community for their questions have helped build up this article.

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