How do I become a copywriter for web3?

1 year ago By Oluoma Aneke

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Being a copywriter in web3 holds a lot of prospects. Once you understand the idea behind web3, and what differentiates it from web1 and web2, you will have a good run with your copywriting skills.


Web 1 was referred to as read-only and it existed between 1990 – 2004. Web 1 was known as read only because it was owned by companies and there was no interaction between users.


Web 2.0 started in 2004 with the emergence of social media platforms and it was referred to as read-write. Companies in web 2 were able to provide platforms where they shared user-generated content and also engaged in user-to-user interactions. 


Web 3 seeks to give power to users in the form of ownership. So, being a copywriter in web3 entails that you help brands in web 3 establish their brand voice and authority.


Who is a Copywriter?

 Oftentimes, most people confuse content writing for copywriting, so for the sake of clarity, I want to throw more emphasis on who a copywriter is, before we dive right in. 

 A copywriter is someone who drives sales through the use of words. A copywriter writes copy that is targeted towards making sales and converting readers to customers. On the other hand, a content writer is someone who writes to educate. Content writers focus on enlightening readers about a particular topic while copywriters have a primary focus of making sales. 

Having this in mind, as a copywriter in web3, your focus should be on web3 companies that are looking to drive sales or convert customers. Also, web3 companies seek to write emails, white papers, web copy and so on.

What is Web3?

We have seen the wave of web1, web2 and now web3. Web3 is a new internet or modification of the existing one that uses blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs to grant ownership to users. The scope of web3 is large, so it might be difficult to give an exact definition, but here are a few features or ideas behind web3.

• Permissionless – Everyone has the same access to web3

• Decentralized – web3 is not owned and controlled by centralized entities, it is rather distributed by builders and users.

• Native payments – Web3 does not rely on banks and payment processors, it uses cryptocurrency for transactions. 

• Trustless – Web3 does not rely on trusted third parties, rather it uses incentives and economic mechanisms. 

Having this key feature in mind, it shows that people who use web3 have a huge chance at ownership, thereby making them eager to establish their brand and authority, hence their need for copywriters.

What is copywriting in Web3?

 As a copywriter in web3, you don’t just focus on writing copy that converts, it also entails building brands and growing businesses. This is what differentiates web2 and web3 copywriting. Web2 copywriters had a goal of promoting products and services online. That is why you see most websites having a call-to-action for visitors or contact. The copywriters used words to generate traffic to landing pages and further drive sales. 

For web3, it is a bit different. As a web3 copywriter, you are out to help brands establish their voice and authority. To do this, you need to write in a way that appeals to web3 users. This means that you need to get a good grasp of web3 and how it works.


However, this does not mean that you will need to be a web3 expert. It simply means that you should learn the basics of web3 to enable you know what is required of you as a copywriter. Having this core knowledge, will also help you create a suitable portfolio around what is expected of a web3 copywriter.


Tips on how you can become a copywriter in web3.

Study the basic things about web3-

If you are familiar with cryptocurrency, blockchain or web3, you must have come across the phrase DYOR (do your own research) severally. You can do your research by reading books about web3, looking for web3 videos on YouTube, twitter spaces and reading articles from relevant websites.


 Also, seek out people who are successful copywriters in web3, and try to find out what they know. You can find them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Find a suitable platform to showcase your work- 

This is not just applicable to copywriters. Everyone who is a writer can find good platforms where they can showcase their work. Some of these platforms are Hacker noon and Medium.

Hackernoon is known for tech publications and their audience are those interested in web3. So, writing on Hacker noon will increase your chances of being noticed by web3 clients that will be in need of your services.


Pick a niche in web3

There are different angles to web3. Some of them are DAOs, Defi, NFTs and others. To be more efficient and better gain your foot, you can pick a niche and study it well. When you have a good grasp of one of the niches in web3, you will know how to navigate and find your foot.


How to get jobs as a copywriter in web3

Getting a job in web3 takes the same pattern as getting a job in other niches and industries. However, in your case, you have decided to look for web3 related jobs. Notwithstanding, you can follow the same pattern that other writers use to get their jobs.

These are a few tips that can help you land web3 copywriting jobs

Posting on medium and other free websites.The best way to attract clients is by giving out value and launching yourself out there. When you create a medium account, you can write copies that are targeted for companies that will need your services. You could be writing on a variety of topics, like how to write a great landing page. 

Almost every company or web3 business needs a landing page that they can use for their customer conversion. When you demonstrate your mastery with such topics, you stand a great chance of attracting clients. To further improve your chances, you should leverage content distribution. 

By content distribution, it means that you should share what you have written widely across your social media platforms. The more people come across your content, the higher your chances of landing a well-paying client. 

You can also search for web3 related websites that allow for guest posts. When you find one, you can look for interesting topics in copywriting, and write extensively on them. The most effective way is to write on things you know. It will be better than regurgitating things that others have written. 

The advantage of posting on guest websites is that they already have an audience who will read your works. So, what do you want to talk about? What kind of web3 clients do you want to work for? Write something around it and publish.


Job boards

You can find copywriting jobs for web3 in different job boards. Web3 clients who need the services of copywriters often post their job offers on different job boards. You need to find the job boards most suitable for you and apply for copywriting works. If you can, you should register on more than one job board, to increase your chances of landing clients.

Most of the job boards have the same pattern of operation with slight differences in their features. 

These are some job boards, where you can find clients.


Upwork is one of the most popular job boards that connects millions of users. It is a good medium in which you can find web3 clients that are in need of copywriters. 

To get started on Upwork, you have to create a profile that will stand you out from other copywriters. 

On your about and experience section, demonstrate your mastery and make it captivating enough. Include all the important details about yourself, expertise, and your work experience. Starting out as a new web3 copywriter in Upwork, will prove challenging, because of competition. But you can navigate and find your foot if you stay consistent until you get your first client. 


Upwork has good payment protection for its users, credible clients and also budget based projects. However, Upwork has a tough and lengthy selection with a relatively high service fee.


 Guru is another credible freelance job board where you can find web3 copywriting jobs. In guru, different professionals and business owners’ posts jobs indicating the services that they need. When you sign up to the job board, set up a good profile and add skills that demonstrate your expertise. You will find credible clients on Guru and they have secure payment, customized to listings and free membership options.


 Fiverr is a job board where you can connect with web3 clients that will be needing your copywriting services. On fiverr, freelancers are referred to as sellers and the services the freelancers provide are referred to as buyers. On fiverr, once a buyer (client) purchases your gig as a copywriter, the platform will charge the buyer and put the money on hold. When you deliver on the job, fiverr will pay you 80% of the offered price and keep 20% as the service charge.


  • Freelancer

Freelancer is another platform where clients including web3 clients post their job offers. If you register on the platform, you will be able to apply for the web3 copywriting jobs that are suitable for you. To stand out on freelancer and other platforms, you should tailor your cover letters to meet the specific needs of the work you are applying for. The reason for this is that getting a copywriting job through these platforms is competitive, so you have to stand out.

Social media platforms

Asides job boards, another solid way to have unlimited flow of web3 copywriting works is to build your social media presence. You can decide to use twitter and LinkedIn and establish your credibility. This is a longer way but it is worth it. When you create an account on these platforms, become consistent with posting valuable content. You can do this by the side while you still leverage the job boards.

Take Away

 Copywriting in web 3 follows the same pattern. To thrive and become a successful web 3 copywriter, you need to get a good knowledge of web 3 and how it works. This will enable you to know exactly what web 3 brands need and how you can be of help with your skills.


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