How to be a community manager on discord

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As a community manager on discord, you have a responsibility of overseeing the affairs of millions of users. The amount of people in your community depends on your purpose for creating a community. 

The work of a community manager can be tasking but with the right skills, it can be easy to navigate.

This article gave practical steps on how to be a community manager on discord. The guide can be useful for anyone who wishes to become a community manager irrespective of the size of the community.

What is Discord?

Discord is a form of social media that fosters interactions between millions of people. Discord is a voice, text chat and video app where millions of people interact with their communities and friends. Different groups of people can use discord for many purposes like family trips, homework, art projects and even as a mental health support.  There is no size limit to any group that uses discord.

However, most users of discord are private in that they create and invite spaces only for their communities and groups of friends to interact. The bigger and open access groups are the ones that usually talk on popular topics and games like Fortnite and Minecraft. The beautiful thing about discord is that you have a control of who you can interact with.

How to be a community manager on discord

Being a community manager on discord is a good way to earn extra cash when done properly. Simply put, a community manager is one who leads a community, sees to the progress of the community and pilots the affairs of the community. To do well as a good community manager, there are three things that you should always prioritize and they include: 

  • Are you leading by a good example? 

  • Do you know what your community needs?

  •  Does your members feel that they truly belong to the community, 

We will look at these three questions and see how they will guide you into being a good community manager on discord.

Are you leading by a good example?

The best way to lead by example is by getting your people to believe in you or your vision for the community. To earn this trust, you should first set realistic expectations and clear goals. By doing this, you will know the type of people you need in your community, the type of skill set your community members should possess and the best way to pilot the affairs of the community. Once you set a clear goal on the direction the community should take, members will naturally gravitate towards you for direction.

Also, you should be intentional in posting valuable contents that the community managers will engage in. When possible, organize a series of training that will benefit your community members. The more knowledgeable they are, the easier it will be for you to run the community.

 Also, by constantly posting helpful contents, you will get your community members to actively engage and comment, thereby giving you the room to know their strengths, weaknesses and concerns. This means that you should avoid topics that are controversial or topics that will bring a negative energy to the community.

Set rules that will guide the community, and don’t hesitate to punish the offenders. By doing so, you will maintain law and order and be able to achieve your goals for the community.

Do you know what your community members needs?

You won't achieve much for your community if you don’t find out what the needs of your community members are and the main way you can find out is through close interactions. It is not  just enough to create valuable content that the members will resonate with, you should also try to engage with members on personal levels. Get to know them and find out what their expectations are. Be intentional with being available and present. Respond to feedback and always find out ways to get all your members together. You can do this through fixing group calls for the whole community.

When you get the feedback, improve on the positive ones, and adjust with the negative ones. Treat both negative and positive feedback equally and try to incorporate the ones that will be beneficial to the community.

Does your members feel that they belong to the community?

One way you can make your members feel relaxed is by taking intentional actions that will make them feel welcomed. One of the ways to do this is by manually welcoming each member as they join the community. You can decide to create customized messages that will welcome each community member.

You can also ask your members to actively welcome new members and give them a sense of belonging. Also, build a strong community that can attend to the needs of new members even when you are away.


Discord community manager course

To be efficient as a community manager, you will need to take some courses that are designed for community managers. By taking the courses you will get to know the full scope of your work and the best way to carry them out professionally.

There are some online sources and academies where you can learn how to be a community manager on discord. Some of the popular and highly recommended ones are:

Discord Moderator Academy – 

At this academy, you will find useful resources for your learning, irrespective of whether you are a first time moderator, or an experienced moderator. All you need to do, is to go through the courses on community management or moderation and find the ones most suitable for you.

Udemy – 

Udemy has a course titled the ultimate discord guide, from beginner to expert. It is a good resource that will help you gain a deep insight into being a community manager.

Coursera – 

Coursera offers 203 Community Manager courses from Top Universities and companies to help you start or advance your career skills in Community Management.

LinkedIn – 

You can also leverage Linkedin learning to take courses on community management.

Best discord bots you need for managing

Bots can help add fun to your discord community and help you manage your server. Trying to do all the managerial roles will be tedious for you, so you can use the following bots to make things easier.

Carl bot – 

Carl bot is a good feature that will aid your managerial role. The function of carl bot is that it will assign roles to users. This function is automatic, and carl-bot uses emojis and reactions to assign these roles. Also, Carl-bot has a suggestion system where users can share ideas and other users will vote on the ideas. You can build up discord messages, send custom/automated welcome messages with other features.

MEE6 – 

MEE6 is a bot that is suitable for big community discord. If you aim to build big discord community, MEE6 will assist your moderation activities. You can use MEE6 bot to warn, mute and ban users automatically if they misbehave. Doing this manually will be time consuming and tedious, so MEE6 is a good way out. With MEE6, you can build a level and XP system that will encourage participation, set up announcements.

Dyno – 

Dyno is a bot you can use to manage different aspects of your server. With Dyno bot, you can moderate, perform auto-roles, do custom commands, reminders, and joinable rank. You can easily manage these activities using Dyno because the bot has a dashboard that enables you to manage it properly.


 Probot will be suitable for you if you built your server for your brand. With ProBot, you can easily welcome new users to the server, detect bad behaviors from members and also protect against raid. Also, with ProBot, you can design any aspect you want with your images and colors. For instance, you can create your welcome message using your customized logo and avatar.

Discord community requirements

In order to enable or set up a community for your discord server, the following settings are required.

1.       Safety Checks

Verification level setting – Members of the server will need a verified email on their discount account before they will be allowed to send a message to anybody in the server. However, this is not applicable to any user with an assigned role.

A set up for Explicit Media Content Filter – The media content filter will scan all media sent in the server. It will also delete any explicit content.

2.       Rules or Guidelines channel

You must set up this channel and post server rules for members. With this setting, anyone joining your community will understand what is obtainable and what they should avoid.

3.       Community Updates/Moderator Channel

You will set up this channel where Discord will send announcements and relevant updates to admins and moderators.

4.       You will indicate that you agree with Discord’s community guidelines and recognize that discord is free to check the contents of your server to ensure its safety.

Discord community guidelines

 For you to have a discordant community, you should abide by the following guidelines.

  • A clearly written title and description that describes what your server is about. This is to enable members who will like to join your community to understand what it is about and why they should join.

  • You will post clear rules and guidelines showing the do’s and don’ts of your community.

  • Set up a moderator team. The essence of a moderator team is that they will maintain law and order in the community. Build and train the moderators in a way that members can trust them enough to present their challenges to them.

  • Create an enabling environment for your community – Ensure that there is a healthy and positive environment for your community members. This will help them interact freely and share their ideas and contributions. It will also encourage active participation for the community  members.

Always abide by the community guidelines and terms of service

 Take Away

This article gave practical guidelines on how to be a community manager on discord. When you know what to do, and master the art of managing people, it will be easy for you to make a good community manager on  DIscord. 

Also, stick to your goal of developing your community and always seek ways to improve.


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