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Heard of Bitgert, BRISE? With the recent mighty moves being carried out by this seemingly small project, it is hard for one to miss knowing it.

But if your answer is NO, nothing to worry about, you are the reason I enjoy digging in and writing.

Sit back and read through Bitgert Price Prediction, noting what Bitgert (BRISE) is basically about and how worthwhile the project could be.

What is Bitgert (BRISE)?

Bitgert (BRISE) is a crypto engineering project launched in 2021 that specializes in blockchain products and auditing solutions. Initially, Bitgert was built on the Binance Smart Chain and used BNB, its native token, to pay rewards. However, they recently presented one of the most significant Bitgert developments: the BRC20 blockchain. 

It offers almost zero gas fees and high-speed transactions. More specifically, the gas fee is $0.0000000000001 per transaction, while the supported throughput is up to 100,000 TPS.

Other Bitgert products also include Audit Solutions with Leaderboard Support, BRISE dApp Wallet, BRISE staking, BRISE Swap, and Bitgert Bridge.

Bitgert offers an alternative to the popular decentralized exchange platform PancakeSwap. BRISE Wallet DApp allows users to send securely, receive, store and exchange various crypto assets.

BRISE is Bitgert’s native token, with it investors benefit from staking and earning rewards in BUSD. It is becoming the global payment system and is applied as a peer-to-peer (P2P) service in the BRISE dApp Wallet.

Buyers and sellers interact directly in the decentralized application wallet, without the participation of a third party, through the P2P service, and transactions are carried out quickly, securely and with zero fees.

Bitgert directs 5% of every transaction fee for buyback, 3% for marketing and 4% for staking rewards. According to the team, buyback is meant to support the price of the BRISE token making it a deflationary asset.

BRISE price prediction by experts

The BRISE coin has been one of the struggling cryptocurrencies over the past few months with Market Rank #3013 according to Coinmarketcap and (at the time of writing this article, July 2022) is currently trading at around $0.00000044 per token and this is even impressive when you consider that it was trading at only $0.000000 per token back in August 2021.

With a fully diluted market cap of 440.516 million USD. It has a circulating supply of an unknown number of BRISE coins and a maximum supply of 1,000 trillion BRISE coins, Bitgert is up 11.04% in the last 24 hours.

The coin has also seen an increase in its market cap over the past few days, which means that there are more people interested in buying and selling BRISE coins than ever before. This could be due to several factors including a high number of new investors entering the market, or it could simply be because people are becoming more aware of how useful BRISE coins can be for investment purposes.

There are indeed other coins out there that offer better returns on investment than BRISE does but there is no denying that this coin is being used by quite a lot of people across the world every single day as they carry out their online shopping activities.

Here are what some experts have reported

Wallet Investor

Wallet Investor is very expectant and positive on Bitgertand sees a positive trend for the future price of the BRISE coin. The platform expects the Biggest Cryptocurrency to reach a value of $0.00000271 within a year and have all the potential to even reach $0.00000728 by May 2027.


TradingBeasts are much more conservative and reserved in their expectations of BRISE. According to this platform’s Bitgert (BRISE) price prediction, and unlike wallet investors, the digital asset will likely not double its price within the next year.

Digital Coin Price

Like Wallet Investor, Digital Coin Price also assumes that Bitgert is capable of reaching $0.00000728. But, according to them, it will happen in 2031 and not 2027 as predicted by the wallet investor.

This platform expects the BRISE coin’s price to slowly keep rising in the coming years without any issues or interruptions.

Gov Capital

Gov Capital states that the token will reach $0.00000705p in the next five years. The same site says the token’s price will be 100% growth for the BRISE coin within the next year.

Bitgert(BRISE) Price Prediction from 2022 to 2030

Bitgert Price Prediction for  2022

After the analysis of the prices of Bitgertin in previous years, it is assumed that in 2022;

The lowest value of Bitgertwill is about $0.00000083. 

The highest expected BRISE price may be around $0.00000095. 

And on average, the trading price might just be $0.00000085 in 2022.

Bitgert Price Prediction for  2023

After the analysis of the prices of Bitgertin in previous years, it is assumed that in 2023;

The lowest value of Bitgertwill is about $0.0000126. 

The highest expected BRISE price may be around $1.0000145. 

And on average, the trading price might just be $0.0000129 in 2023.

Bitgert Price Prediction for 2024

Based on the technical analysis by cryptocurrency experts regarding the prices of Cardano, in 2024, BRISE is expected to have the following prices;

Lowest price: $0.00000184

Highest price:$0.00000217

The average expected trading cost is $0.00000189.

Bitgert Price Prediction for 2025

The experts in the cryptocurrency have analysed the prices of Bitgertand their fluctuations during the previous years. It is assumed that in 2025 BRISE prices will follow this pattern;

Minimum price drop of $0.00000263

The maximum price can reach $0.00000322

And on average, the trading cost will be around $0.00000273.

Bitgert Price Prediction for 2026

Based on the expert predictions of the costs of Bitgertby crypto experts, the following differences in BRISE prices are expected in 2026;

The highest value is $0.00000454 and,

The lowest value will be  $0.00000398

On average, it will be traded at $0.00000412.

Bitgert Price Prediction for 2027

Crypto experts are constantly analyzing the fluctuations of Cardano. Based on their predictions, the estimated average BRISE price will be around $0.00000592. It might drop to a minimum of $0.00000572, but it still might reach $0.00000705 throughout 2027.

Bitgert Price Prediction for 2028

Every year, cryptocurrency experts prepare forecasts for the price of Cardano. It is estimated that BRISE will be traded between $0.00000837 and $0.00000996 in 2028. Its average cost is expected at around $0.00000861 during the year.

Bitgert Price Prediction for 2029

Cryptocurrency analysts are ready to announce their estimations of Bitgert’s price. The year 2029 will be determined by the maximum BRISE price of $0.00001430. However, its rate might drop to around $0.00001148. So, the expected average trading price is $0.00001191.

Bitgert Price Prediction for 2030

After years of analysis of the Bitgert price, experts in the field propose their BRISE cost estimation for 2030. 

The minimum price BRISE will be traded for is at least $0.00001683, 

The possible maximum value BRISE is to trade at  could be $0.00002004,

And on average, you can expect the BRISE price to be around $0.00001731 in 2030.

So is Bitgert(BRISE) a good investment?

I think BRISE can be a good investment because it is only a small, almost insignificant part of the price of 1 BTC. So we can make this BRISE more valuable in a few years. 

Although the dev team has been working anonymously, it was announced that they are planning to reveal their identities when the time comes. 

The team revelation should positively affect the project’s reputation and the price of BRISE since the move can lead to building trust from the crypto community and generating more interest among investors. 

In addition, according to the team, in the short term and before the exchange launch, Bitgert will be registered as a legal entity, presumably in the Cayman Islands.

But bear fully in mind that the purpose of this article is not as investment/finance advice, nor does it deter you from further DYOR.


The cryptocurrency is expected to rise steadily during the forecast period. According to coin analysts, digital assets have a promising future in the financial and banking sector. 

However, a major hurdle to the wide adoption of this cryptocurrency lies in the proper regulation of authorities across the globe. 

We would have to wait for another few months to see if the claims made by the crypto experts about Bitgert(BRISE) would come true or not. 

The major thing in these predictions is faith and trust, which only time and consistency in performance can provide.


Thanks for going through the article, if you have any queries or feedback, please feel free to contact us via the comment box.

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